Discover the advantages of double glazing wooden windows

When choosing new windows, you will certainly decide on the type of glazing. Let us show you the advantages of double glazing and describe the cases, where the double glazing can save money from overall point of view.

Basic information about insulating glass

Insulating glass is created by combining 2 to 4 glass panes. Spacer frames are inserted between the individual glasses and the space between them is filled with a gas with low thermal conductivity (usually argon, in rare occasions krypton). The type of interglazing frame and the total thickness of the glass determine the Ug value, i.e. how much heat passes through the glazing. The lower the Ug, the less heat passes through, or in other words the better it insulates.

In general, the thicker the insulating glass and the wider the inter-glass frames, the lower the heat transfer. This is related to the fact that, if you want a quality window with low heat transmission, the profile must be deep enough to fit in the glazing package (glazing package means the glass with spacer combined). But be aware - if, for example, a laminated safety or soundproof glass is added to the glass assembly, the volume of the glass will increase and the overall Ug of the glass deteriorates.

Advantages of double glazing

Concerning windows with 2 glass panes, lower price is definitely the first advantage. In addition, double glazing has lower weight. That is why it fits to lighter and cheaper frames. It also means reduced load on the fittings which in turn means longer maintenance and adjustment period.

On sunny winter days, double-glazed windows let in more sunlight and heat the room better than insulating triple glazing. This results in savings for heating.

As you can see, double glazing is less expensive solution overall and produces other sources of financial saving.

Where to use double-glazed windows?

Double-glazed windows fit mainly in buildings that are not insulated or are used mainly in the summer (e.g. cottages and holiday homes). It is also favourable to use double-glazed windows in rooms where there is no source of heating at all (hallway of a family house, garage, cellar, pantry etc.), or where it is enough to maintain a lower temperature (winter garden, entrance areas and corridors of an apartment building etc.).

Double glazing does not mean "worse windows"

As you can see, double-glazed windows do not always mean worse windows. On the contrary, in some cases it may be the most economical solution.