How to choose wooden windows

Timeless beauty, sleekness and power to render elegance: Wooden windows are great choice as they are sustainable and naturally insulating. If you take care for it properly, it can last a long time.

You’ll meet basically two different options when it comes to wood for your windows. Both of them have their plus points and will make durable a beautiful window.

Softwood (pine, redwood, cedar, Douglas fir etc.) is often cheaper and requires fresh coat every few years. It is less dense and comes from fast-growing trees. It makes is more environmentally friendly. Softwood is an easier material to work with, which is important especially if period features are being restored or imitated.

Hardwood (oak, ash, birch, maple, alder etc.) is more expensive, but also more stable, durable and fire resistant. As it comes from trees which are slowly growing, it has a dense structure. You can expect it to last for long time.

UNI windows are made of different types of wood, and we will be happy to help you with choosing the right timber for your project.