Triple glazed windows provide excellent insulation. But their advantages don't end there.

When choosing between double and triple glazing, you are actually deciding between lower purchase costs on the one hand and lower heating costs on the other. But that is far from all. Let´s look at the advantages of triple glazing and the cases for which it is suitable.

Advantages of triple glazing

Triple-glazed windows provide excellent thermal insulation properties. They let less heat out, but also a little bit less light in. That is why it allows you to save more on heating and in addition, thanks to triple glazing the interior does not heat up so much in summer. On the other hand, in very cold weather, a window with three panes does not suffer from fogging and internal water condensation.

Triple glazing is regarded as an investment. By installing triple-glazed windows, you increase the value of the property in the future.

Triple glazing and sound insulation

Contrary to common myths, triple glazing does not automatically mean better sound insulation. The propagation of sound through air and solid objects is a complicated phenomenon, and first of all, you need to realize that full sound insulation is provided only by a window that is closed and properly adjusted.

The correct and even pressure of the window sash on the seal in the frame means airtightness, and this is the most important for sound insulation.

Where do triple-glazed windows fit in?

They are certainly necessary for new buildings (low-energy, passive), but they are already standard even in the case of renovations where the owners plan to insulate.

The price difference with triple glazing is justified wherever you wish to maintain room temperature all year round. Especially if you are planning larger format windows, a larger number of windows, or even glazing that extends from the ceiling to the ground on a large part of the facade. There, the better value of the thermal insulation pays off in savings.

Investment is worthwhile

Undoubtedly, triple-glazed windows offer great advantages (energy saving, elimination of internal dew) and the investment in them is worthwhile.