Window installation in winter

Are you thinking about replacing your windows in winter? Go for it! Companies tend to have less work in winter and if it is not 10°C below zero, then replacing the windows in winter is common.

Save money this winter

Especially with new windows, you will improve the thermal insulation of your house already for the ongoing winter. This means that you will immediately save on heating and still have a pleasant warmth at home.

No need to wait for spring

People generally think that replacing windows in a house is problematic. It is not so. The windows are replaced gradually, and it will not significantly cool your house. In general, companies are less busy in winter, which can be reflected in lower prices of installation. In the spring, you can continue with the reconstruction of the house, start building the insulation etc. Everything will speed up thanks to the winter replacement of the windows.

Room by room

In winter, the installation of new windows is carried out gradually. In other words, the window is demolished and a new one is immediately installed. This procedure eliminates heat loss from the room and allows other necessary work to complete the replacement.

The external installation

Be sure to cooperate with a firm that does a quality job because the right installation of windows is a key point. There are special foams and properties which make it possible to replace windows down to a temperature of -10°C. Internal windows can be finished immediately after assembly, the external ones need a temperature above zero. Such days are common even in winter, and if they are not, the external finishing can be done when the freezing is gone. A reliable company will complete your external installation as soon as the outside temperatures allow it.