UniWindows Historic Residential Entrance Door Restoration

UniWindows, a leading company in Edinburgh, Scotland, has recently completed an entrance door installation project for a historic residential building in the city. The project aimed to restore the building´s original character and enhance its security and energy efficiency.

UniWindows began by conducting a thorough site survey and collaborating with the building´s owners to understand their requirements and preferences for the new entrance doors. The team then worked closely with local conservation authorities to ensure that the new doors would meet all necessary conservation and heritage requirements.

The UniWindows team sourced high-quality materials and used traditional techniques to craft bespoke entrance doors that perfectly matched the building´s original design. The doors featured enhanced security features, including multi-point locking systems, to improve the building´s overall security.

In addition to their aesthetic and security benefits, the new entrance doors were designed with energy efficiency in mind. UniWindows installed modern weatherstripping and thermal insulation to minimize heat loss and improve the building´s overall energy efficiency.

Throughout the project, UniWindows maintained close communication with the building´s owners to ensure that the work was completed to their satisfaction. The team also worked closely with local authorities and third-party contractors to ensure that the project met all necessary regulatory requirements and was completed on schedule.

The new entrance doors have successfully restored the building´s historic character while providing enhanced security and energy efficiency benefits. The building´s owners were thrilled with the quality of UniWindows work and praised the team for their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality entrance door installation services.